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  • Conceptual Drawings
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  • Theming
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    •  - Fabrication
  • Airbrushing
  • Single-Element Creation
  • Props
  • Backdrops & Sets
  • Themed Elements
  • Signage Design
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Why Theme?

  You may be wondering what benefits you might receive from theming an environment and why many progressive establishments are going out of their way to create immaculately themed spaces. The answer is both simple and profound: Themed spaces create an atmosphere kids want to be in. They invite children in, get and hold their attention and create a feeling of ownership so they feel like the space is "for them." It's fun for us grown-up kids too.

 Please contact me if you're interested in discussing theming or any other listed service for your space. Thanks!

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What Customers Have Said About Tom's Work

  We are constantly hearing great comments about Tommy's work for The Summit. He did a great job and every chance I get I mention his name to churches.
- Rich Browning
Summit Church

 If you want children clamoring to be at church, you need Tommy Tull Studios! Tom's creations are quite simply kid-magnets. That's been our experience here, where Tom just completed theming our entire 55,000-square-foot FellowShip Kids' building. This kind of magic happens because Tom sees the world with a child's eye and heart and then skillfully translates that world into spectacular environments. Tom's creative work draws the children in so God can begin His own transforming work. - Beth Greenway, Fellowship Bible Church

 Tom has been a vital part of our creative team in FellowShip Kids for over a decade. Tom has helped bring the thematic elements of our children's ministry to life through visually enhancing our curricula. His ability to create a captivating environment that compliments our overall mission is not only inspiring, but helps us better communicate our message. I can't think of a better artist and person to entrust your creative needs! - Paul Kroger, Fellowship Bible Church

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