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A Bug's Life—Park Hill Baptist & Daycare

 This project in North Little Rock, AR consisted of theming the children’s area for age’s infants to five year olds. The church loved the idea of “A Bug’s Life” which gives the illusion that, when traveling the hallways, the children are small and tiny compared to the characters surrounding them.
 Special elements were specifically created and incorporated such as the caterpillar bench, snails, and overhead flying dragonflies and butterflies.

Bugs Bugs Bugs Bugs Bugs Bugs

River Kids—Second Baptist Downtown

 “River Kids”—infants to pre-school—focuses on native Arkansas River elements, but with much whimsy. At one point in the halls, everything is just below the water’s surface, where fish jump and turtles play. Step down through the rushing waves, and you will find yourself submerged entirely underwater.

RiverKids RiverKids RiverKids RiverKids RiverKids RiverKids

City Kids—Second Baptist Downtown

 “City Kids”—Kindergarten through 5th grade—focuses on elements that you would find in most metropolitan cities. More serious, but still with some fun and whimsy, you will find a skyline, fire hydrant, and some comfortable seating against industrial brick walls.

CityKids CityKids CityKids
Welcome Sign

Fellowship Bible Church 1 - Common Areas & Surf Shack

 On this twenty-month project for Fellowship Bible Church in Little Rock we created a common theme to run throughout the entire children's area - playing off the name FellowShip - we created an aquatic & ship theme.

 We were heavily involved in the entire process from creation to completion and designed signs to fit with our theme.

Surfboard & Tiki Bar Equipment Area Detail In Search of the Sacred Door Covenant Castle Yukon Ho! H.M.S. Gospel Paradise Pond
The Coral Reef

Fellowship Bible Church 2 - Preschool Areas & Hallway Elements

 We utilized several different methods to create an underwater scene that would immerse the youngest children in a fun and inviting environment, from painting to printing out illustrated wallpaper the entire preschool area was swimming.

 Both upper and lower level main hallways continued our ship theme with painted clouds and wooden ship railings.

The Green Grotto Main Hallway 1st Floor Aquarium & Check-In Second Floor Hallway Detail Sail Detail Upstairs Theme Room Signage tie-in FSK Wheel Sign
In Search of the Sacred Door

Fellowship Bible Church 3 - Elementary Age Theme Rooms

 Each grade has a curriculum for the children based in fantasy lands and adventurous settings. Each room we worked on tied in not only with the curriculum, but worked in subtly to blend the lines between ship-themed hallways and fantasy-themed rooms.

 To facilitate visual flow, we worked closely with our partner, Adam's Signs designing signage that was both catching and informative.

Grandma's Garden Starship Redeemer Paradise Pond H.M.S. Gospel Covenant Castle Yukon Ho
Main Entrance

Summit Church Children's Area Theming

 This fourteen-week project in North Little Rock consisted of theming the entire children's area which spanned two floors - each themed separately and with their own stages and puppet areas.

 The first floor was forested, the second floor was a miner's cave. In order to maintain a cohesive look and feel we had artistic input on all signage creation.

1st floor puppet station and stage detail stump hiding an auio panel hallway cave painting & signage detail 2nd floor hallway 2nd floor puppet area & stage Entrance to the Miner's Cove
Cubs Cafe Sign

Pulaski Academy- Cub's Cafe & Bruin's Bookstore Design

 This project at a private school in Little Rock focused mainly on interior design and consulting for the cafe and bookstore.

 We worked to create an atmosphere appropriate to the space and to design and suggest fabrics, furnishings and signage to make the areas both fun and appealing.

Bruins Bookstore Bruins Bookstore Bruins Bookstore Bruins Bookstore Cubs Cafe
Waiting Room Detail

Kitchens Pediatric
Dental Clinic

 On this ten-week project in Little Rock, Arkansas, we created a vibrant and fun interior space for children as they visit the dentist.

 We worked to theme out the waiting room, receptionist's area, all exam rooms and some hallway elements to create a wilderness for the children to explore as they go through their check-ups.

Waiting Room Tree Exam Room Ceilings Hallway Element Detail Waiting Room Detail Waiting Room Detail Tree-Bench Detail
Castle Entrance

Oasis Church Children's Check-in

 At Oasis Church in Maumelle, Arkansas, we created - over the course of eight weeks - a themed check-in environment for their children's ministry.

 We had creative input into signage on the project and themed the main entrance as an ancient castle.

Castle Signage Castle Entrance Castle Map Castle Entrance Castle Entrance Castle Entrance
Reception Area - UnderSea

1st United Methodist Church Interior Design & Theming

 For First United Methodist in Springdale, Arkansas, we created an interior look for their children's area over the course of twelve weeks.

 We worked with signage, interior design, colors, painting and theming with three separate motifs - desert, undersea and forest. We travelled to Springdale to complete this project.

Reception Area - UnderSea Reception Area - UnderSea Children's Hallway Children's Hallway Detail Children's Theater - 2-Story Tree Sky Children's Theater - 2-Story Tree

Caveman Family Life Project

 This set was designed and built for Family Life for a videotaping.

 This was a 10 day project.

Cavemen Cavemen Cavemen Cavemen






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